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john berkey - star wars, 20th century fox, 1977 (by Myriac Acia)

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Two The Maine Fall Headliner Tour “Farewell Forever Halloween” Dates Leaked
Live Nation has leaked two East Coast dates for a yet-to-be-announced fall headliner The Maine Presents Farewell Forever Halloween. The band has not released an official statement yet.

Very excited for this! :D

Expect A New Record From The Story So Far Soon
In a recent interview with AbsolutePunk, bassist Kelen Capener stated the band will hit the studio in the next few months to record their third full-length. They hope to release the album less than a year from now. Read a key excerpt from the interview below:

It’s been about 15 months since What You Don’t See came out and then obviously it leaked really early. What are you guys doing in terms of writing a new album? Are you guys coming home in the fall and writing a new album? Just taking time off, like what we did What You Don’t See. Trying to write an album and tour is just taxing. We’d like to take the time to do it, so after Warped Tour we’re going to do what we have booked through the end of this year and a little bit into next, and we’re going to take all that off time to write a new record. We’ve already started working on it, we’re already demoing songs, but it’s a long process and these things don’t come quick. We haven’t booked studio time next month or in two months, towards the beginning of next year that we’ll start getting into the studio and have the songs done. So maybe around a year from now it’ll be out? It’ll hopefully come out before a year from today. It’s going to be within the year’s time frame that everything will be written, recorded, and released. Who are you looking forward to working with on this next album? Sam? I mean, it’s the same cast of people without a producer. We’re going back into a familiar environment. I dunno, if something comes up, like someone new gets added it would be that individual. Like Chad Gilbert for instance…If we decided to have a producer, that would be something we’d sit down and talk about. At this point we probably won’t have a producer on the album - and if that’s the case, it’ll be just Sam [Pura] and us in the studio. Can’t really complain about that, you know? 

Pictured above: Kelen Capener performing at the Story So Far’s Warped Tour hometown show in Mountain View, CA on June 21. View our full Warped Tour gallery here.

So stoked for new TSSF songs!


Citizen Banquet Records In-Store
Kingston, UK

300+ notes on my photo of Citizen! Make sure to check out the full gallery of their acoustic performance on my Flickr!

1k+ notes on my photo of Mat! Thanks, guys!
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